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Since 1993, LightSpeed Communications is providing consulting services to many different companies in Germany. With our gained experiences in the fields of network administration, planning and consulting we are able to provide services in many sections.
Beside our main focus on network administration and consulting we can provide specialized object-oriented software development services to develop cheap applications for your business.

Network administration/consulting

Since the invention of computer networks, the internet and all the different issues this inventions raised, it is necessary for a company to have a 24hrs running network. We as specialists in fields of network planning/administration can provide you with all the necessary information and help to make sure that your network is available for you 24hrs.
Not every company can effort a own team of network administrators and especially smaller companies only need a time-by-time assientent on different network issues in their company.
This is the field were we feel at home and were we can offer you a cheap remote or inhouse network administration. If you encounter any problem, need some special software installation on your servers or you need just some regular maintenance of server systems, we are the right team for you.

Our specialists & team can provide you with all kind of information/help in the following fields:

  • Integration and Maintenance of all kind of server and application systems:
    • Unix (HP-UX, Solaris 9, AIX, NetBSD, FreeBSD)
    • Linux (Gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake)
    • Windows Workstation and Server variants
    • general maintenance of soft- and hardware components
    • ...

  • Planing and Installtion of ethernet based Networksolutions:
    • BNC, Twisted Pair and fibre
    • Virtual LAN systems (vLAN)
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    • High performance routing solutions (ISDN / DSL)
    • Firewall systems (Hardware / Software firewalls)
    • ...

  • Installation and Maintenance of all kind of application services:
    • Webserver (Apache (SSL), Roxen, ISS)
    • Mailserver (Sendmail, Qmail, MS Exchange)
    • Nameserver (bind 4/8/9)
    • Databaseserver (Oracle / MySQL / PGSQL, MS SQL Server)
    • Developmentserver (Concurrent Versions System CVS)
    • ...
This list should give you just a short overview over all the different services and know-how we can provide. please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on services we can probably provide. We have a wide knowledge in all different fields of network administration and operating systems and we are sure that we can solve all your problems.

Software development

To provide a full range of network services it is also necessary to be able to realize different software development related parts. Since 1997 we can provide our customers with a wide range of experiences in the fields of object-oriented software development to be able to develop specialized software for our customers. In the past we have developed many different private and public software titles to give our customers the oppurtunity to get their ideas realized quick.
So if you want to strengthen your own software development team or if you just need some help/assistent in some small software solution, we are sure that we can provide you with all the necessary help.

The software development team of LightSpeed can provide you with wide-range experiences in the following fields:

  • Object-Oriented software development:
    • OO-Planing (UML)
    • Java, C++
    • framework based programming (JSP, ASP)
    • database solutions (JDBC, SQL, XML)
    • Usage of development tools (JBuilder, Visual C++, CVS ...)
    • ...

  • Systemprogramming:
    • Use of C++, C, Assembler (x86, m68k)
    • scriptoriented programming (Perl, PHP, bash ...)
    • ...

  • Development of graphical applications (GUI):
    • Java Swing, AWT
    • QT, TCL/TK, XVT
    • MFC, DirectX
    • ...
Beside the above listed tools and parts we can work in, we have also a wide experience in other, not listed development parts. Please feel free to contact us, if you need assistence in developing some internal software solution, because we have realized many public software titles and can provide you with the necessary information.

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