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LightSpeed Communications provides general support and download facilities for its public available software products mentioned at the products section.
We provide both, HTTP and FTP download facilities for our different products and we advise you to use the homepage of the products itself to download each of this programs.

Software downloads

The following table shows you HTTP and FTP download possibilities for all the different products we distribute on our homepage. Please note that only public products are listed here and if we developed some internal software for your company, please contact us directly to get updates or latest versions from our software developers.

Type HTTP downloads FTP downloads

Java LeavesRecognition -
Amiga InstallerNG InstallerNG
Amiga P96Speed P96Speed

On request we can also grand access to our internal CVS server were all the sources of products for your company are stored normally and if the contract stated source exclusivity, then you can use also our CVS server as your main development server.

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